Chiropractic FAQs Asheville, NCWith over thirty years of experience, our chiropractor has been asked a lot of questions over the years. If you are considering chiropractic care in the Asheville area, been in a car accident, or been referred to a chiropractor, you may have questions. We want to answer your questions so you can begin the road to recovery and overall wellness. 

Chiropractic FAQs Asheville, NC

Here are a few frequently asked questions of chiropractors, but feel free to contact us if we do not answer your specific questions. We are here to help.

  • What is chiropractic care? Chiropractic care centers on correcting disorders within the musculoskeletal system (spine) to treat a variety of associated conditions, especially back, neck, and joint pain.
  • Is it just for pain? At Kordonowy Chiropractic Center, we want to treat issues related to the spine, but our primary goal is to help improve your overall health by reducing your risk of pain and illness.
  • Is chiropractic care safe? Chiropractic care is non-invasive and drugfree. Our doctor has a profound record of safety.
  • Can children see a chiropractor? Chiropractic care often wonderful benefits for children, from back and joint pain relief to helping treat inner-ear imbalances. Chiropractic care may even help reduce the effects of pollen allergies and sinus issues.
  • Do chiropractors accept insurance? Most insurance plans are accepted at our Kordonowy Chiropractic Center including auto accident insurance, workers compensation, and personal injury cases that have resulted in back pain, neck pain, headaches, or other related pain conditions. We also accept Medicare. For specific insurance questions, contact our office.
  • Is chiropractic care expensive? At Kordonowy Chiropractic Center in Asheville, we want you to be healthy and pain-free, even if you are on a budget. Contact us and help us work with you to improve your overall health and wellness.

You may have additional questions about chiropractic care. Contact our office to ask more questions or schedule your appointment to start improving your health and wellness today.