Your Top 10 Chiropractic Questions Answered

Your Top 10 Chiropractic Questions Answered

Are you interested in exploring chiropractic care?

Maybe conventional medicine is not addressing your chronic pain adequately. Maybe you haven’t been able to enjoy exercise or daily activities because of back and neck discomfort. Maybe you wish to avoid invasive procedures and treatments like surgery. Maybe you want to take a proactive approach to your health and prevent pain, injury, and illness.


There are a lot of “maybes” when it comes to health and wellness. Here, we will provide some answers. Common chiropractic FAQs:

1. Should I see a chiropractor? What issues can they treat?

The good news is that chiropractic care is suitable for just about any body. People of all ages visit Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs) to address back pain, neck pain, and headache that result from accidents, injuries, or various medical conditions.

While focusing intensely on musculoskeletal and nerve pain, DCs can also provide care for general health and wellness issues (e.g. diet, nutrition, healthy habits, safe modifications, etc.).

So, should you see a chiropractor? There is no one who can’t benefit. Even if you are not experiencing chronic pain, you can take advantage of a proactive approach that reduces your risk of injury.

2. Is chiropractic care safe?

Yes. When you work with an experienced, credentialed chiropractor, you receive one of the safest, non-invasive, drug-free therapies available. As with any therapy, there may be side effects, but these are minimal.

You may experience mild aching, stiffness, or soreness following treatment - but this is similar to what you might feel after a good workout. Usually, this resolves itself within 24 hours. Other clients experience immediate relief after treatment.

The goal of chiropractic care is to ensure the musculoskeletal structure, particularly the spine, is in alignment. The body can then heal itself.

To increase safety even further, be sure to tell your practitioner about your symptoms and goals in detail, and share any pre-existing medical conditions (particularly arterial disease).

3. Is it safe for children or pregnant women?

If your child is experiencing pain or discomfort, whether from sports injuries or medical conditions, chiropractic care can be a source of great relief, as well as a wellness-building treatment. When your DC is committed to providing individually-tailored treatment plans, you can rest assured that your child’s care will be both appropriate and gentle.

Likewise, chiropractic care can be helpful for women as they seek to relieve pain from sciatica and pregnancy-related conditions and/or to position the baby optimally for delivery. Again, your DC will determine the best course of treatment, taking into consideration the mother’s health and unique needs.

4. Will my insurance cover chiropractic care?

Most insurance plans cover chiropractic care. Be sure to check with your insurance company if you require ongoing care for chronic conditions. Our Insurance Department will be happy to help you verify our office's participation in your health plan.

5. What type of education/training do chiropractors receive?

What credentials should I be looking for? As professionals concentrating on the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal and nerve conditions, DCs are rigorously trained. In fact, educational requirements for DCs are among the most strict in the health care world.

In addition to four years of pre-medical undergraduate education, they attend accredited chiropractic institutions to complete four to five years of professional study. They cover everything from orthopedics and neurology to diagnostic imaging and nutrition.

DCs also spend a significant amount of training time in learning clinical technique and manipulative procedures. Look for a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic to deliver medically sound, safe, and effective treatment.

6. How do I choose a chiropractic practitioner?

Credentials are just one aspect, albeit a critical one. When you are trying to relieve pan or build a life of wellness, it is equally important that you look for a practitioner who has extensive clinical experience.  Dr. Kordonowy has been in practice since 1985, and has been voted Chiropractor of the Year by his peers.

7. What happens when I visit the chiropractor?

To best treat you, your chiropractor must understand what is happening within your body. He or she will perform a thorough physical and neurological exam in order to diagnose you accurately. X-ray may also be used. Once diagnosed, he or she will develop a treatment plan that is tailored to your needs.

8. What is an adjustment?

Here, your DC will apply specific, precise force to a joint or area that is “locked up” - or subluxated. This manipulation is intended to remove interference in the nervous system and improve spinal function.

9. Will it hurt?

You may be hesitant to take advantage of chiropractic care because you fear it will hurt. Will you experience pain? Will you hear a “pop”?

Typically, no, adjustments do not hurt. Remember, your DC is highly trained and knows the proper amount of force to exert, as well as the optimal manipulation techniques.

You may feel a bit of pressure, but many clients actually enjoy the process as it is relaxing to them. Again, you may experience some mild discomfort after an alignment, but you should not experience pain.

And if you do hear a “pop”? This is created when gas moves in to fill the “vacuum” created when joints are slightly separated. It’s perfectly normal, pain-free, and harmless. Many people do not even experience this.

If you are wary of pain, please talk to your DC. He or she can fill you in on the specifics on the process so you feel comfortable.

10. How do I get started?

Contact the team at Kordonowy Chiropractic Center. We are happy to help you feel at ease during every step of the journey towards pain relief and enhanced wellness.

Do you have more questions? We are here to give you the answers you need.

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