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Is Chiropractic Safe? Here Are the Answers

Chiropractic Is a Safe Alternative

When it comes to musculoskeletal matters, many people are not sure whether to choose standard medicine or alternative care. Some are curious about chiropractic but are not sure if it is safe, or where to find a trustworthy Doctor of Chiropractic. Today, there are over 70,000 chiropractors in the United States. Chiropractors study at graduate-level health colleges, and can treat disorders of the bones, nerves, muscles, and ligaments. They usually complete 8 years of higher education before becoming licensed. In addition, they often take additional training courses and become certified in different specialties, such as: rehabilitation, nutrition, and more.

Benefits of Chiropractic

The benefits of chiropractic care are undeniable, as many studies have reported that this alternative route has reduced people’s low back pain and other different kinds of chronic pain. For example, research from January 2000 to March 2017, where over 1,176 patients were given chiropractic treatment with great results. Coulter states that “manipulation significantly reduced pain and disability, compared with other active comparators including exercise and physical therapy.” Chiropractors use physical manipulation of your spine to As with everything, the best results are seen in patients who use both traditional and alternative treatments along with healthy habits and a positive mindset.

What Are the Risks?

Adverse reactions after seeing the chiropractor are rare, but not impossible. Usually, these reactions include increased pain or stiffness in the affected area, but these usually resolve quickly, according to Dr. Hurwitz from the Epidemiology Department at the University of Hawaii. The side effects involved with chiropractic, however, are still mild compared to those that could accompany surgery or medications (like dependency). Make sure that you tell your physician you are thinking of receiving chiropractic care if you suffer from: bone disease, rheumatoid arthritis, or have an infection of the nervous system.

See a Chiropractor Today

If you suffer from back pain, migraines, low energy, or if you are simply curious about alternative treatments and chiropractic care, you can make an appointment with Dr. Kordonowy online today or calling (828) 277-0903. Dr. Kordonowy, who has served as President of the North Carolina Chiropractic Association and has been voted Chiropractor of the Year, has over 33 years of experience in treating patients and helping them restore their health and achieve a better quality of life. As a patient at Kordonowy Chiropractic Center, you will receive a wellness program specifically targeted to your needs using the least invasive yet highly-effective techniques and services. Make your appointment today!