Inconceivable? No, Chiropractic.

Inconceivable? No, Chiropractic.


This word always reminds me of the movie “The Princess Bride,” where the character, Vizzini, says “INCONCEIVABLE!” over and over no matter what situation he finds himself in. And the infamous Inigo Montoya’s reply, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

All jokes aside, over the past few weeks, it seems some of our patients, who DO know what the word means, thought the same thing:


  • Chiropractic for dizziness? Inconceivable!
  • Chiropractic for migraines? Inconceivable!
  • Chiropractic for my child’s ear infection? Inconceivable!
  • Chiropractic for my colicky baby? Inconceivable!
  • Chiropractic for sinuses? Inconceivable!
  • Chiropractic as PREVENTIVE medicine? Totally inconceivable!

inconceivable.jpgThis list could go on and on. Of course we all know that Dr. Kordonowy can help folks when their back is “out,” or their neck is “all stove up,” but many don’t know about the added benefits chiropractic can bring to their lives.

“Mary” had been coming to see Dr. Kordonowy for eight months before she mentioned she suffered from dizzy spells on a daily basis for the past eight years or so. Why would she mention it when she had already seen two neurologists, an ENT doc, and had multiple diagnostic testing that showed nothing? Mary had simply given in to the “fact” that she would live with this dizziness the rest of her life. Dr. Kordonowy assessed that she had calcium crystals floating loose in her inner ear, so he performed the Epley’s maneuver on Mary. When she came to the office a week later, she reported that her headaches had subsided and that she had not had one single dizzy spell. Inconceivable? No, chiropractic.

“Dan” came to see Dr. Kordonowy with a pile of MRI images, radiology reports, and a very leery sense that chiropractic could help him at all. After suffering from migraines for 30 years (yes, you read that right) and having had all the usual battery of tests and diagnoses, Dan did not think we could help him at all, but he came to us as a last resort for pain relief. On his second visit with us, he reported being pain free for the very first time in a LONG time and could not believe it! Dr. Kordonowy is still treating Dan, as 30 years of pain doesn’t go away after 2 treatments, but a month later, he is still feeling better and better. Inconceivable? No, chiropractic.

“Julia” was in our office for her own appointment and was sharing her frustration about having to possibly have tubes put in her 1-year old’s ears because of his chronic ear infections. We explained that Dr. Kordonowy has helped numerous toddlers with ear infections simply by adjusting them. I think Julia was a little skeptical, but got her son in for an appointment as soon as she could. Dr. Kordonowy adjusted the little cutie pie (he didn’t even cry!), and his parents reported to us that he stopped his fussing and the pulling at his ears. In other words, no need for tubes! Inconceivable? No, chiropractic.

“Jennifer” had a 3-month old colicky baby that she felt she could not even bring to church anymore because she had no idea how to stop her from crying. She brought the baby in to see Dr. Kordonowy and within six visits, Jennifer had her happy baby girl back. Not to mention a good night’s sleep! Inconceivable? No, chiropractic.

“Kevin” complains often about his stuffed up head and chronic sinus infections. Dr. Kordonowy was recommended to him and, again, there was a little skepticism about a chiropractor being able to help with a sinus condition that he had just grown accustomed to dealing with his entire adult life. With the use of a hand-held activator, Dr. Kordonowy was able to adjust Kevin’s sinuses, and now we see him at the first hint of an infection coming on, and he has amazing results. Inconceivable? No, chiropractic.

Not only can chiropractic relieve specific ailments, but many of our patients know about the importance of their “maintenance” visits. This preventative monthly appointment is designed to reduce the risk of pain and illness in the first place, and keep folks as active as they wish to be.

Seeing Dr. Kordonowy on a regular basis may also reduce your sick visits to your primary care doctor and the amount of medication you are prescribed. Inconceivable? No, chiropractic.

Call our office today to schedule your appointment … even if you think you cannot be helped by chiropractic. Dr. Kordonowy looks forward to helping ALL of his patients feel better no matter what obscure ailment is thrown his way. Chiropractic for life!