Go Healthy This Summer!

Go Healthy This Summer!

Hello July! It is finally time for warm weather, sunshine, hikes, sweet tea, and outside get-togethers. As more people become vaccinated against COVID-19, we return to normalcy once again. How can you make sure that you are doing everything you can to stay healthy, happy, and fit this summer? Read on to hear our healthy summer tips! These are practical, simple yet important ways to maintain optimal health and ensure you don’t suffer from pain or injuries, especially if you’ve been home since the pandemic began.


  • Enjoy Fresh Air
    • Fresh air is important, especially inside your home. First of all, if your house is properly insulated, it will greatly help the quality of air that circulates through your home. It will help keep a comfortable temperature also.
    • Open up your windows when you are home, at least for a while. This will bring in the fresh air. Window screens will help keep flies and mosquitoes outside.
    • Of course, go outside! This is the best way to enjoy some fresh air, especially around beautiful Asheville and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Take care of yourself if you are prone to seasonal allergies and use insect repellent if you go outside. Remember that fresh air is good for the body, mind, and soul.


  • Use Sunscreen
    • This is always a must-say. Although we love that Vitamin D, the sun can wreak havoc on our skin If we aren’t careful. Use a sunscreen SPF 30 or above.
    • You can also wear good sunglasses and a hat for ultimate and healthy fun-in-the-sun.


  • The Right Shoes
    • A good pair of shoes will always make a difference in you how you walk, stand, and ultimately, feel. Find shoes with proper arch support, which will depend on your foot type. If you are unsure you can speak with Dr. Kordonowy about how to find the best fit for your foot.


  • Rest
    • Sticking to a good sleep schedule will ensure you are properly rested and night and thoroughly energized throughout the day.
    • You can download an application on your phone where you can record your sleep, and if you have a Fit or Smartwatch, you can also monitor how many hours you sleep.
    • Drink peppermint or chamomile tea in the evening for a relaxing moment before you wind down.
    • Turn off electronics a couple of hours before you go to bed or put them on “Sleep Mode” if you’ve got the option.


  • Exercise
    • This can be anything that keeps you moving—from hiking around Appalachia to doing a 10-minute workout to your favorite trainer on YouTube. Just make sure that you are exercising in ways that feel good to your body. If you are engaging in HIIT or resistance training, you may feel the usual “pains” of exercising, but no pain should come on suddenly or feel sharp.
    • If you suffer from chronic pain or a condition, speak to Dr. K, your primary doctor, and research what are the best ways to exercise for you. An active body means a happier mindset, so get movin’ & feel those endorphins!


  • Stay hydrated
    • Drink H2O throughout the day. 6-8 glasses are enough depending on your body. If you feel thirsty, you’re probably dehydrated already!
    • Drinking enough water will keep you healthy, refreshed, and energized.


  • Chiropractic Care
    • Chiropractic care can help you fight seasonal allergies. Allergies are our bodies’ own hyper reaction to a foreign trigger (like pollen) that our immune system perceives as “harmful,” even if it is not harmful to most people. Our system sends out mast cells, which release histamines and sends our body into a coughing and sneezing overdrive. Spinal manipulation and the right alignment of the vertebrae will allow for the immune system to function properly as the alveoli in the lungs can take in enough air, thus becoming less prone to an allergic reaction. Remember that a healthier nervous system means a healthier immune system, which means a better quality of life overall.
    • Chiropractic care is a safe, affordable, and effective alternative treatment, according to the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, including for older adults.
    • The American College of Physicians listed spinal manipulative therapy (spinal manipulation) as a primary type of treatment for low back pain.


As always, Dr. K is here to answer any and all of your questions. He would love to help you meet your health goals! Give us a call at (828) 277-0903 or schedule your appointment here.