Car Accidents and What You Need to Know About Your Spinal Health

Car Accidents and What You Need to Know About Your Spinal Health

Being in a car accident is undoubtedly traumatic - emotionally and physically. It is common to feel aches and pains, even if you are “fortunate” and escape serious injury. But when it comes to your spinal and neck health, you cannot be too cautious. Even “minor” injuries can have significant impacts on your mobility, comfort level, and overall health and wellness. What do you need to know about car accidents and your spine?

G Force

A 160-pound person who is wearing a seatbelt and traveling at 30 miles per hour experiences 30 g’s of force when they collide with a fixed object head-on. That is equivalent to 2.4 tons of force. Another case for wearing a seatbelt: without this precaution, the force exerted on your body is about 150 g’s - or 12 tons of force.

Our bodies are not made to withstand this amount of force, and it can result in a variety of serious injuries. If you are in an accident, it is imperative that you seek emergency medical attention as soon as possible. Many people feel all right in the aftermath of an accident, but this could be the adrenaline talking or they may have delayed symptoms. Always get checked out!

It is also a great idea to visit an experienced chiropractic care practitioner to help ensure your injuries heal properly and, perhaps, more quickly. Relieving pain, regaining mobility, overcoming other physical challenges, and preventing complications are all important steps in recovery.

Your chiropractor can help by:

  • Treating injuries that are not evident to the naked eye. Injuries like whiplash and neck/back pain are not always visible. That does not mean that they are not painful, uncomfortable, or that they cannot lead to complications if left untreated. Expert chiropractic can alleviate pain and help you heal without compromising your long-term health and wellness.
  • Reducing inflammation. It is common to experience micro-tears in ligaments and muscles when you are in a car accident. Again, these are not visible on x-rays, but they can cause significant soreness. Spinal manipulation can help release anti-inflammatory substances. This can, in turn, reduce discomfort and pain.
  • Providing non-invasive treatment without drugs. With gentle, effective, non-invasive techniques and adjustments, your chiropractic care provider can align your spine properly, relieve pain, and encourage your body to heal naturally. 

Prescription pain relievers are highly addictive, and they mask the pain instead of resolving it. Taking medication as prescribed for a short period may be necessary; you can complement it or substitute it entirely with chiropractic care. 

Even better, spinal manipulation releases your body’s own pain-relieving/healing compounds, making you feel better overall.

  • Reducing scar tissue. A car accident can cause scarring in the muscles, which results in stiffness and soreness. Non-invasive techniques target this area in order to “break down” the scarred tissue. This facilitates faster healing and a recovery process with less pain
  • Restoring range of motion. As mentioned, chiropractic care can reduce inflammation and accelerate the healing process. Blood and essential nutrients are allowed to reach the damaged areas. Spinal manipulation can restore range of motion that is often impaired after an accident.

After a car accident, chiropractic care can greatly aid the recovery and healing process. It also helps prevent complications that can affect you down the road. If you are coping with injuries, please do not hesitate to contact the team at Kordonowy Chiropractic Center.