Autumn Wellness, Happy Fall

Autumn Wellness, Happy Fall


Ah, Fall! Pumpkin spice, fallen leaves, bright colors, and chilly temperatures await us. If you’re anything like me, you sure like to put on hiking boots and go hike somewhere along the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

You’ll be fine, right? Taking care of yourself in Autumn is the same as in Summer?

Close. Remember what with each season, new incoming weather, etc. there are always specific ways to protect yourself. Read along for a comprehensive list of your to-do’s to make sure you are maximizing your health this Fall!

First Things First: Stay Safe

We are very excited and grateful to see that “normal life” is back around the corner, even though most people have been seriously affected by Covid-19, and most will probably take time to recover. Nonetheless, it is good news to hear that our city is slowly reopening. With these new changes going on, it is paramount that you keep yourself and your family safe. Wearing masks, using hand sanitizer and frequent proper hand-washing, as well as staying the necessary 6-feet apart, will increase your possibilities of having a wonderful Fall!

Have a Plan & Develop Consistency

One of the main reasons why our good efforts end up being forgotten is that we don't develop or enforce a plan. Fall, like all seasons, especially in Western North Carolina, comes and goes in a spark! Maximizing this beautiful season and enjoying it to the fullest will require a schedule in which you note: Where would you like to visit and when? What are your goals to help you get there? Don’t forget to uphold any other routines you also kept during the summer (did you exercise every Monday at 6pm at the park? Keep doing it, even if you must find another location soon! Are you used to drinking half a gallon of water every day? Keep that habit!)

Always, Always Warm Up

While this is always true, it is especially important as the weather drops down. Colder temperatures can affect your joints’ range of motion, and if you do not warm up properly you could get injured. If you’ve been staying home this summer, it becomes even more important to perform easy, dynamic stretches before heading out the door, especially if you are going to engage in physical activities.

Drink More Water

You’ve probably heard that if you feel thirsty, you’ve already gone too long without drinking enough water. This statement is not just true, but it will help guide your water drinking choices this Fall! Yes, Pumpkin Spice Lattes will be exquisite, but never at the expense of a good hydration. As the temperatures get colder, it becomes paramount to take care of our bodies holistically, and caring for our hydration is the most essential thing in the book. 

Wear the Right Gear

If you are out of good hiking/walking shoes, now is the time to hit the store! Wearing the right shoes is crucial, especially with rainy and muddy grounds. No-slip shoes are preferred, but any pair should work as long as they provide you with the proper arch support. Wearing the right clothes is also essential to staying comfortable, protected, and happy. Consider thermal clothing as temperatures begin to drop.

Eat Nutritious Food 

Now is the time for delicious soups, superfoods, and protein-filled meals! Enjoy your favorites like: lentil soup, chili, kale salad, roasted veggies, chicken soup, etc. ‘Tis the season for spices like: cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, that are not only tasty but great for your immunity. Enjoy the harvest and stock up on seasonal foods like: apples, zucchini, squash, brussel sprouts, pomegranate, and more! Plus, you can make it a family day trip and go harvest apples together!

Stretch & Rest

We cannot stress this enough, but our recommendation is to stretch lightly every day. Our bodies were designed to stretch, move, and find their comfort - Remember that our current, highly sedentary lifestyle is not normal and it is not good for us. Use this new season we’re coming into to stretch every new morning and evening, and use nature’s patterns and changing skies to shape your own sleep schedule.

See Your Chiropractor Regularly

Regularly visiting your chiropractor is a must all year long. Remember that your optimal health will come from:

1) You performing and upkeeping the healthiest habits you can 

2) The best medical professionals that will assist you in your quest. Visiting your chiropractor, at least once a month, will ensure that your body is aligned, your joints and muscles are more relaxed, and that everything is in check.

Happy Fall, y’all! Don’t hesitate to make an appointment with your favorite Asheville Chiropractor, Dr. K!


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