Participating in outdoor winter activities is a great way to enjoy the beautiful, cold weather. However, they can also lead to severe injuries due to overusing specific muscles or joints. This can lead to extreme discomfort and pain, as well as put a limit on the amount of activity you can do this winter. In this article, we'll cover the most common types of winter injuries and how to avoid them by visiting your favorite Asheville chiropractor at Kordonowy Chiropracter.  

What Injuries Are Common During The Winter?

Winter sports like sledding, skiing, skating, as well as general outdoor activities like walking, shoveling, or biking, can lead to injury. The most common types of injuries you may face this winter includes:

  1. Shoveling Injuries

Shoveling injuries are common because it involves a lot of continuous motion. The constant bending and lifting of snow can cause pain or injuries to the lower back, arms, neck, and shoulders. While you can always alleviate the pain by taking precautions when shoveling, such as taking frequent breaks, digging small amounts, or using a high-grade shovel, there's not much you can change once any type of injury occurs, which is why chiropractic care is essential.

  1. Sports Injuries

While outdoor sports are a ton of fun, they can also lead to some severe injuries. Skiers, snowboarders, and sledders are all at risk of sports-related injury this winter due to the high speeds they travel on top of slippery surfaces. In addition, extreme muscle tension is common among those who suffer from sports-related accidents as well as increased pressure on joints which can cause pain or discomfort moving forward.

  1. Joint Pain From Cold Weather

Another common sports injury this winter involves the joints. When your hands, feet, and knees are exposed to the cold weather for long periods of time, they can become sensitive or even numb, leading to an increase in pain once you go into a warmer environment. This type of winter injury is referred to as Raynaud's Phenomenon and requires immediate attention because it can lead to other issues like arthritis down the road if not treated immediately.

Chiropractic Care Can Help You This Winter

Using a chiropractor is a safe and effective way to help avoid sports injuries, joint pain from the cold weather, or even shoveling-related back discomfort. In addition, chiropractic care can reduce stress on your body during sports by increasing flexibility, improving balance, and reducing muscular tension, which helps decrease sports injury risk.

A chiropractor will also treat any existing problems you have with a combination of spinal manipulation as well as physical therapy designed specifically for your needs so that you can get back out there this winter without fear of more damage caused by sports activities or the elements themselves.


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Winter sports injuries don't have to be inevitable with chiropractic care! If you need help preparing for a healthy winter season or want relief from an injured area now, schedule your next appointment today by calling your favorite Asheville Chiropractor at Kordonowy Chiropractor today. We will make sure you enjoy feeling great as we take care of your body's needs this holiday season!

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