We know that the problems of our time include a rise in obesity, diabetes, chronic pain, and other consequences of leading a sedentary life and of consuming processed foods. However, did you know that not only your physical health but also your mental health suffers from this modern lifestyle? 

Hello July! It is finally time for warm weather, sunshine, hikes, sweet tea, and outside get-togethers. As more people become vaccinated against COVID-19, we return to normalcy once again. How can you make sure that you are doing everything you can to stay healthy, happy, and fit this summer? Read on to hear our healthy summer tips! These are practical, simple yet important ways to maintain optimal health and ensure you don’t suffer from pain or injuries, especially if you’ve been home since the pandemic began.

You may have heard of the terms “tech neck” or “text neck.” This refers to the overstretched, forward curve of our neck which happens when we use our smartphones. Research shows that on average, Americans spend almost 4 hours on their phones every day. About 20% of individuals spend more than 4 hours on their smartphones on weekdays. This adds to about 1,400 hours every year. Harvard Research found that 7 out of 10 people will suffer from tech neck at some point in their lives. 

What Are Allergies?

Spring in Western North Carolina is both rainy and sunny, beautiful and full of eh—pollen. While we all want to go outside this spring, especially after being on lock down for over a year, some individuals have a more difficult time than others when it comes to spring allergies. Being red and itchy, having watery eyes or a runny nose, and other uncomfortable symptoms are just among the few reported during this time.